Which Course?

Decide whether you need a course, and if so which one?


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Which Course?

There are a variety of ways to complete your learning for Spirometry. See below for more detailed information on which course will suit you.


If you are new to Spirometry or your training is more than 3 years old, it is highly recommended that you book onto a course to ensure your practice is up to date.

Types of courses available can be seen below.

No course

If you are an experienced Spirometry Practitioner who needs to get onto a Spirometry register, but trained less than 3 years ago, you may not need a course. However, if you fail the assessments you will be required to book onto a course before progressing and will be charged a rebooking fee for the failed assessment.


Online Course only: The ARTP recommend the online course provided by the Institute of Clinical Science and Technology. The course is designed using cutting edge techniques to make learning flexible, enjoyable and useful. You are in direct contact with support throughout the course and with colleagues via forums and have access to regular webinars. Additionally, the course remains available to you once you are on the registers as a useful resource and aide memoir. Experienced Respiratory nurses tell us they change their practice when they do this course.

Blended Course: Combines the above online course with a half day workshop addressing the practical aspects of taking Spirometry measurements. The blended approach is therefore not suitable for those heading for the Interpretation Register. You choose the date and venue of your workshop when you sign up.

Other courses: Examples include a 2-day training course at a training centre or hospital. You will need to find your own training provider and enter the details when you sign up.

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