ARTP Tutor Interest

ARTP are moving away from having accredited spirometry training centres and will now centralise the process by having accredited individuals instead. This is to enable the ARTP to deliver on a much larger scale as the need for spirometry training increases in line with the NHSE publication on improving quality assured diagnostic spirometry.

Why should I register?

You will have the ability to continue to teach and assess spirometry as part of a blended model of training and assessment delivery.

Just turn up teach and assess with no time-consuming administration. This ensures higher standards and quality of spirometry for patient benefit.

What do I need?

To become an accredited trainer, you need to meet the criteria listed below.

A qualification relevant to the performance of spirometry, e.g. ARTP spirometry certificate, ARTP associate and/or practitioner examination, clinical physiology (respiratory & sleep) degree or minimum PTP qualification.

A minimum of 3 years experience in a clinical or educational role relevant to the performance and/or teaching of spirometry.

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