Discover how we implement interventions successfully through Implementation Science methodology

We empower and align organisational leads, service managers and service users with fidelity. Alignment with fidelity improves outcomes at a population level.


What is Implementation Science?

Implementation Science is the scientific study of the strategies, methods and techniques used to assist the uptake of evidence-based practices within organisations and to produce socially significant outcomes

In particular, Implementation Science aims to close the gap between what we know and what we do – enabling research and policy to transition to successful and large-scale operations.

“Implementation Science is the study of factors that influence the full and effective use of innovations in practice. The goal of Implementation Science is not to answer factual questions about what is, but to determine what is required (mission driven).”

Core Implementation Components

Fixsen, Blase, Naoom & Wallace (2009)

Developing usable Interventions and delivering outcomes with Implementation Science Software

We develop interventions that are:

  • Learnable
  • Teachable
  • Doable
  • Accessible
  • Measurable

Our digital AIF facilitates the implementation and scale-up of interventions to achieve socially significant outcomes.


Software As A Service (SAAS) System

Our SAAS system facilitates the successful implementation of interventions tailored to your organisation



Our SAAS software helps you assess the needs of your organisation, determining which interventions may be beneficial. The software also assists with considering the facilitators and barriers to implementation in order to drive the best possible outcomes.



The installation element of the software provides tools to help your organisation prepare resources, align staff and put in place mechanisms for gathering data ready for initial implementation.


Initial Implementation

Our system assists in initiating implementation by helping you manage organisational changes such as providing staff support, ensuring data is monitored continuously in real-time and that this data is driving the intervention towards success.


Full Implementation

Our software can help your organisation reach full implementation, resulting in significant outcomes at population-level. During this stage and beyond data management can help you further improve outcomes and generate success reports.

Creating Usable Interventions

All interventions are analysed, scoped and designed according to the evidence-base from which they were developed. This ensures outcomes are delivered through the AIF exactly as they were intended


We create evidence-based, usable Interventions which are effective when used as intended along with our implementation software.

Our interventions:

Provide flexibility for all users, with digital courses, apps and guidelines available to access wherever you are on any device.

Contain accurate, up to date guidance from the relevant regulatory bodies in order to give you the most accurate information and the best possible outcomes.

Are designed for everyone, from those delivering services on the front-line to management who create organisational policy.

“Even with just the videos, ICST have achieved more than we could have in our whole career.”

Paul Twose

National Lead for Tracheostomy Hospital Care

Real-time Reporting Systems

Collecting and monitoring data is the key to implementing successful interventions

By having a digital AIF to monitor datasets and trends, we provide access to real-time information and data analysis that keeps you informed about the changes and progress to service provision.

Generate specially designed data reports to demonstrate and share your intervention success with others.

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