The National ARTP Spirometry Programme

How to pay

Direct Payments

You can pay with a debit or credit card or with a paypal account; you will receive an order number, receipt and immediate access to the programme.


Purchase Orders

You can pay with your own Purchase Order Form or download and use our template. To avoid delay in processing your order, please ensure it contains all the required information and email it directly to finance@clinicalscience.org.uk

Limitations of Purchase Orders

Please note that any arrangement to partially fund groups or individuals cannot be accommodated. In these circumstances the candidates must pay in full and arrange their refund from their sponsor directly.

Purchase Orders for Individuals

When using a purchase order for yourself you will receive a coupon number to be entered on the payment page of the booking system. 

Purchase Orders for Groups

When using a purchase order for a group, you will receive one or more codes with instructions for you to send to your group.

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