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ECG courses for all levels


Three ECG courses for primary care, the acute setting and for expert analysis. This series of courses covers the need to know in ECG interpretation with a focus on improving clinical care where it matters the most.

This programme is led by Dr. Dave Richley, one of the leaders in ECG Interpretation.


Primary Care Interpretation
ECG Course

A basic approach to help GP’s and practice nurses decide whether an ECG result indicates their patient should be managed within primary care, referred to cardiology or be an admission to hospital. This course offers a practical and systematic approach to managing patients safely and consistently.

Foundation Course on ECG Interpretation

This appeals to a broad range of staff, particularly in secondary care. The aim of the course is to recognise clinically abnormal ECG patterns that might turn up in the acute setting such as A&E, ITU and cardiology wards. It’s very much aimed at what’s essential for ECG interpretation in the acute setting.


Diploma Course

This course covers the whole spectrum and leaves nothing out. For someone who really wants to be an expert in ECG interpretation – this is the course to go on.


Learning ECG anywhere, anytime

Equity of access to education, learn about ECG wherever you are. Learn on your mobile, using a tablet, or any PC with support.


Functional and intuitive learning


Learn about ECG from the leading experts in the UK. A step-by-step process in preparation for your examination.

This is proper structured teaching. I’ve snippets of other online courses – the diploma goes further than those. I think it will be the most advanced. I think it will be the best in the world.

Dr. David Richley

Cardiac Physiology Lecturer, SCST Council Member

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