Engagement and Communications

Successful learning and knowledge transfer is always underpinned by engagement and communication.

Modern Media

Modern media opens a channel to engage and communicate with the wider healthcare workforce.

A modern platform which fits with the way we live in the modern world.


Investing in stakeholder relationships is key to success. The value of presentation is integral to successful communication.

Age is not a barrier for most. I find the use of technology an exciting challenge and one that has the opportunity to offer many advantages.

Derek Cummings


Online TV channel

Created to allow fast, engaging and entertaining communication and learning. ICST.TV houses original content featuring local and international experts and is produced by our production house and studio.

Clinical Pathway App

In partnership with NHS Wales. Clinical Pathways aims for greater standardisation of treatment regimens and improved outcomes.

This clinical pathways app is a one-stop shop for all your national clinical pathways. The pathways are designed to be as simple and functional as possible. Prompts, red flags and information buttons add more information where you need it.



All programmes are informed by clinical outcome drivers. Feedback of data is integral to maintaining a high quality evidence based programme.

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