The National ARTP Spirometry Programme

The Official Spirometry Certification Programme for the UK


National spirometry register


Key to quality assured diagnostic spirometry is the establishment of a national register of certified healthcare professionals and operators. This register will ensure that commissioners, employers, and patients can be assured that healthcare staff performing and/or interpreting diagnostic spirometry hold a valid, current certificate of competence. The register will list individuals’ names according to whichever category of certification that person has achieved. This framework will be phased in with full implementation by 31st March 2021.

Course Synopsis

To get a better understanding on what topics are covered throughout the course and what you can achieve by completing it please follow our Synopsis page for more information.

Five steps to getting on the register

Below is a brief overview to the five steps to getting on the register:

Step 1: Choosing the register that is right for you.

Step 2: Decide whether you need a course, and if so which one?

Step 3: All registers require completion of a portfolio.

Step 4: Those performing spirometry will need a practical exam.

Step 5: You’re ready for the ARTP Register.


A proven delivery model


ICST have an exclusive partnership with ARTP to deliver the national spirometry certification programme to the UK. The programme has been developed following successes in Wales, in particular, perfecting a blended model of education that is more cost-effective and engaging than any other.

ICST are the sole provider of the official ARTP spirometry certification programme, including foundation, interpretation and full levels for adults and paediatrics. This programme is endorsed by NHS England, NHS Wales and the Primary Care Respiratory Society (PCRS).

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