National Programmes and Education

National Programmes

We work with leading experts to develop and run large scale national educational and engagement programmes. Our programmes facilitate a knowledge transfer that is current, relevant and outcome-driven.


The key objective for all our programmes is ultimately to increase the quality of healthcare delivery. Our strategy is underpinned by personalised digital communications to offer standardised and equity of clinical education.

A range of bespoke respiratory courses

The National Respiratory Education Programme

Working with and on behalf of the Welsh Government and the National Respiratory Health Implementation Group, we offer a range of bespoke respiratory courses for every NHS Wales employee. The National Respiratory Education Programme (NREP) has been developed to support and empower clinical and managerial staff in primary and secondary care across Wales.

Official Spirometry programme for the UK

National Spirometry Programme

We have a proven delivery model for Spirometry across the whole of the UK – efficient, successful and cost-effective. We are leaders in quality assured spirometry education. Our vision is that every patient gets the right diagnosis.

A collaboration between RHIG, ICST and ARTP has enabled Wales to successfully deliver ARTP spirometry training across the whole country and to monitor in real-time down to a practice level, the status of every trainee along this process. Wales therefore leads the way in this field. We intend to use this approach to deliver education programmes across a range of subjects within respiratory medicine.

Dr. Simon Barry

Respiratory Lead for Wales

An Integrated national activity-based programme

Managing Deconditioned Patients Pathway

A National infrastructure and prudent approach to support patients to be more active, facilitating learning for everyone to improve clinical outcomes across Wales. The MDPP is an integrated national activity-based programme from referral to intervention, with a dataset to compare the different activities for the management of deconditioned patients with chronic disease. Developed by ICST in conjunction with NHS Wales.

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