National Spirometry programme

The official Spirometry programme for the UK

We have a proven delivery model for Spirometry across the whole of the UK – efficient, successful and cost-effective. We are leaders in quality assured spirometry education. Our vision is that every patient gets the right diagnosis.

In partnership with the guardians of spirometry the Association for Respiratory Technology and Physiology (ARTP), endorsed by Respiratory Health Implementation Group (RHIG)



ICST holds the professional spirometry register on behalf of the ARTP

We are the sole provider of the official ARTP competency-based training programme, endorsed by the PCRS. We host the booking system, e-portfolio and blended learning and offer training programmes for GP’s, nurses and other healthcare workers. We also host the National Register for the UK.


This is a direct result of the All Parliamentary Group (APPG) Report on Premature Mortality from Respiratory Disease (2014).

The recommendations of the APPG, includes a common curriculum, quality training, and assessment of healthcare professionals against defined standards, with a national register for all spirometry practitioners. The evidence is unequivocal, spirometry standards must improve and this is how ICST and its partners are leading the way.



Learning spirometry anywhere, anytime

Equity of access to education, learn spirometry anywhere, anytime. Learn on your mobile, using a tablet, or any PC with support.


Functional and intuitive learning


Learn about spirometry from the leading experts in the UK. A step-by-step process to spirometry registration.

Working with the Institute of Clinical Science and Technology, the RHIG has successfully adapted spirometry training into a flexible, accessible programme for the ARTP and this is going to be the model adopted in England. We intend using a similar process to standardise training and competencies for a range of other interventions.

Simon Barry

National Clinical lead Respiratory Health Implementation Group, NHS Wales Consultant Respiratory Physician

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