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If you have completed ARTP Spirometry Certification in the past, you need to keep your certification up to date. After the end of the three-year period, you will no longer be on the Spirometry register. If you have not already done so, you will have one year to re-certify, to maintain your position on the register.

  • Certification runs out after 3 years.
  • When you have six months left on the register, you will receive notification to start thinking about re-certification.
  • You can start recertification within this six month period.

The date of your renewed certification will start from the end of your previous certification period; whether you complete re-certification within the six months prior to the end of within the one year period after. If you fail to complete your re-certification within this period, you will need to start the certification process again.



The assessment process for spirometry recertification is a portfolio. These portfolios are online, and very straightforward to complete. There are various sections relevant to the different performance criteria.

Once you complete your re-certification portfolio, you will be on the spirometry register for another three years.

Recertification for Foundation Certificate in Spirometry

You need to demonstrate continued competence in the performance of spirometry. You will be asked to upload evidence, answer questions and demonstrate your knowledge on all aspects of spirometry performance.

You will need to upload anonymised evidence of patient test results to demonstrate you can achieve technically acceptable, reproducible spirometry.

Recertification for Interpretation Certificate in Spirometry

You need to demonstrate continued competence in the interpretation of spirometry. You will be asked to complete an Interpretation exam. The interpretation exam is a series of 10 patient tests, provided to you by the ARTP, which you need to correctly interpret.

Recertification for Full Certificate in Spirometry

The full re-certification is a combination of both the foundation and interpretation portfolio’s detailed above.

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