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Course assessment

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the course assessment.

What to expect from a quiz?
Throughout your course, you may come across activities and quizzes which assess you on the content you have just learnt in the course. These quizzes may be summative, i.e. you require a ‘PASS’ in order to complete the course, or formative, i.e. learning resource to guide you on your strengths and weaknesses. If the course is formative, you will receive detailed instructions on the completion of the quiz.
How long do I have to complete a quiz?
Each quiz will tell you how long you have to complete the quiz. Some quizzes may be unlimited, but most quizzes will have a time limit. Be aware that once you click ‘Start Quiz’, you have to complete the quiz in one sitting. You cannot leave the page and come back later.
Will I receive feedback when I complete a quiz or activity?
Yes, you will receive feedback for every question, even if you get the answer right. We feel this is a valuable learning resource for students.
Do I need to achieve a pass mark?
If the quiz is summative, there will be a pass mark. If there is a pass mark, it will be included in the instructions for the quiz.

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