Tapes and Dressings

Intro paragraph


  1. Assistant – loosen tracheostomy Velcro neck tapes and hold the tracheostomy tube securely in place by the outer tube.
  2. Lead – remove soiled dressing and clean around the tracheostomy site. Dry thoroughly.
  3. Lead – observe tracheostomy site for Infection, Pressure damage, Bleeding, Overgranulation, excessive secretions
  4. Lead – Apply skin protection if excessive secretions or if the stoma site is red/inflamed, and notify the senior nurse and medical staff on the ward
  5. Lead – Apply clean tracheostomy dressing
  6. Assistant – Secure the tracheostomy tube in position with a Velcro tracheostomy tube holder. Ensure that it is possible to allow two fingers to pass between the tracheostomy holder and the neck


April 13, 2020

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